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We have what to offer. These three services are not all. We also have psychological help, meditations, courses that can help you achieve your goals, psychological transformational games, vocational avocational self-improvement, weight loss, smoking cessation and etc. After consultation, we carefully will create an individual plan for each client. We are working on quality, but not for quantity. 



Anxiety and hypnosis are uniquely similar: hypnosis is a pleasurable state within a controlled environment, whereas anxiety is a fearful state within an uncontrolled environment. When over-stimulation of the senses takes place the hypnotized subject is guided with positives, while the anxious person is guided by their own negativity.


Energy Healing 

Vital energy flows through all of us. This often misunderstood practice has been used to heal people in need for thousands of years. Energy healing of the human path is a tool for the deep purification of energy, psyche, consciousness, liberation from negative influences on life, correction of all spheres of life, the line of fate and the Path of the Soul. 


Tarot Reading

Perceiving your journey through the eyes of a Tarot reading: The unique system of reading Tarot, will give you the most information about your situation, personality and direction in life. This art form will help guide you on your own path of the Soul.  Due the universal law of "Free Will" we cannot read the arrival of any sudden person that you meet in your life.