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Fight for life

You know, this is could be weird, but many many people, thinking that they living this life, but unfortunately by the end of the day they realizing that they are not.

Since I was a kid I was always asking myself, and Highest Sources why me? Why exactly me? Why I am so important, I guess, or why exactly with everything happening, I know that there is a lot of people, suffering, struggle in their life. But why this is me, who seeing this life as the movie. Why I has been chosen to be a healer, why I see things that 90% doesn't. Why I always feel some sacred relationship and visions, and connections, that most of the time I can't even explain. Most of the information that comes to me, comes in a silent, kind of in default settings, I signing agreement to not share anything with others. And when I do, people doesn't believe it until its happening.

Thing is this. You see, there is a lot of events in our lives happening just because this is consequences that started by events long time ago. I can sense them, I can see them, I can feel them. But prevent them I can't. They supposed to happen, with that or another person. I never see myself, no one can't, my best students can read my past, because it is already happened. But whenever they try to read my future, it always turns in different direction. Even my teachers tried. They see my past as a future. Isn't a funny?! Thats why I enrolled in a journey to find myself, uhhh no, to find the truth.

My life is always fight. Sometimes fight after fight. Sometimes long lasting fight. Sometimes is short battle. And now I'm in a war. This war, happening in real life as war in Ukraine, many probably will ask me, when it will stop, who win, when, but remember in war there is no winners. A lot of people died, and many will die more in closer future, not just from the war, but from another different cataclysm. I know that a lot of witches and witchers trying to pull this blanket on themselves. If you think that this war just part of Earth life, you wrong. This is war going on more higher level. There is a war between any kind of practics, who is on the side of good (light) and who is on side of bad (dark side). There is a war between Gods (God) and Assurs (Demons) this era called Kali Yuga. Please don't mistaken by Kaalii goddess. Kali (as in the age) means “one.” So kali-yuga just means “Age One.” It’s called Age One because it only has one fourth power. The word “kali” specifically means “the side of a dice marked with a 1.” So, the word also implies “worst” or “lowest.”

There is a divinity named kali, but it is not the goddess Kaalii. It’s a male deity who is the son of Krodha (anger) and Himsa (violence). His sister is Durukti (harshness), and he impregnates her to have the children Bhaya (fear) and Mrtyu (death).

Kali Yuga, the Dharma-Ending Age, the Age of Iron. Most traditions have a name for the final Dark Age.

What does it mean for us.

Traditional thought, throughout the world, has always seen the "progression" of humanity as a downward movement. And throughout the world we find a division of the cycle of human decline into four Ages. The ancient Greeks called the four ages of human civilization the Age of Gold, the Age of Silver, the Age of Bronze and the Age of Iron. The Hindus and Buddhists call them Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.

To understand this Cycle, we have to realise that it is fundamentally a cycle of solidification or materialisation. Human beings – and indeed their terrestrial environment – begin close to the Spirit from which they first issue. The material aspect of things is much less in these early stages. Only gradually do beings consolidate into full materialisation, and some never do. This is why no physical remains of "mythical creatures" from earlier Ages have been found. Part of the process of history, as it relates to maidkind, is her increasing descent to the level of physical matter, with more and more of her life being tied to the physical plane.

What I'm trying to say here, that no one knows how this Kali Yuga will turns out. But I do know for sure, that those who will finally came up awaken, those will be blessed to see completely different world. How soon it will be, unfortunately I can't say. This Yuga is present age, which is full of conflicts and sins. This is natural, because while the Spiritual, being closer to the Primordial Unity of Dea, gives rise to harmony and concord; the more materialised we become, the more things are seen as separated and conflicting rather than rooted in their underlying Spiritual Unity.

Traditional texts about Kali Yuga teach us that it is a time when human beings will kill one another. Of course there has been no historical civilization (i.e. one of which written records survive, all of which are patriarchal) in which the killing of one human by another, often in large organised wars, has not been commonplace. But in early civilisations, where all or most of the iconography is female, we find no fortifications or weapons of war. These begin to appear at the same time as the male image becomes more dominant in the iconography. War and torture become increasingly predominant as the Kali Yuga moves from its early toward its middle phase, and as feminine civilization is gradually expunged from history.

In this dark age, toward the end of Kali Yuga, the Spiritual Path has been made simpler for us than ever before; and our dear Mother calls us to Her, simply asking us to love Her like little children and to chant Her name. Kali Yuga lasting for 432,000 years. Where we are right now? One sources saying that we just passed 5,000 years and there left 427,000, another says that it will be end in 2025-2027. Where is the truth, you will ask me?! The truth in a silence. People loves calculate, find out new "facts" and spread the "truth", but is it really? You can try to find yourself, and you will be lost in all those calculations and information. In what I believe? I believe, that for sure some part of event circles will be end around 2027, but there will be another. Do I believe that we almost at the end of Yuga? I don't think so. People done so many things, the karmic loads is too heavy and huge.

Shiva said once "People by their own actions, leading themselves to punishment or even to death". And I believe in this. People doesn't understand the word of "Dharma" (Karma) they keep doing wrong things, drinking a poison and thinking that this poison will kill someone else. But this is not how it works. Everything that you going through it is your previous actions, that led you to consequences.

We have not come into this Kali Yuga by accident, but because our actions have led us here. It is in many respects a dark place, yet at the centre of its darkness shines the light of our Mother, always showing us the way home to Her.

Thats why we are here fighting for our life. Each one of us with his own sins, darkness, demons, etc. But there will be a different world when Yuga will end. So don't give up. Keep fighting for life.

Those who will awake they will see more than enough to realize how important to be spiritual, how important to cherish our Mother of Earth. Path of virtue is hard, not everyone can go with it. Easier to be as everyone, easy to do not good things. Because when you on your way to the virtue path, the most terrified and terrible Demon that you will meet, IS actually YOU! And you will have to deal with it, and take responsibility of all your actions, reincarnations, reactions, and words with promises that you ever gave. And face it.

But remember, as long Demon there, there is also and God there. 2 in 1, incredible, isn't? So Fight of life, it is all up to you. With whom you fighting, with a God within yourself, or with the worst Demon?!

I am definitely know, that why I chose for myself this war within me first in name of the virtue path (Soul Path). It is hard, trust me when I say this. But it is worth it.

From now and on it is all up to you.

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