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First Coffee Game - transformational psychological game

I guess it is a time to let you introduce every game that I'm hosting, and first one will be new "First Coffee Game" it is a menu of human states, presented in the form of a psychological transformational game that helps to find answers to a variety of questions in life, relationships, business... "Who am I? What am I doing here? What is my Gift? What bothers me and what helps me? What is my purpose? How to build a harmonious relationship? How to organize a project or your own business? What to focus on in strategy?"

This is a wonderful way to learn subtle and deep things about yourself in a short time. Amazing entertainment that brings us back to childhood, to our roots, to our real ones. This is the way from where we are now, to where we want to be.

"First Coffee Game" is a transformational game for those who want to understand where and how to move on. Who wants to find their real desires and pave the way to them. Find an internal state that will help to achieve the desired result. The magic of coffee and coffee beans purified by the sun, the magic of spices, kitchen herbs, wise advice from a barista and now you can clearly see the direction of your movement. During the game, you will be able to look at your situation from a new point of view, see the limiting beliefs in the game space and change them. All changes you make inside - accept new ideas, recognize your strength, connect with your resource - you will leave the game updated. And with these realizations, you go to create in your life what you are have planned! But that's not all. You will make a delightful journey of a coffee gourmet and discover new tastes of coffee, get acquainted with the charm and enchantment of true Ukrainian Lviv gvar.


✨ who has reached an impasse and is looking for a way out;

✨who knows what to do, but for some reason stands still;

✨who wants to understand what to do next;

✨ who dreams of harmonizing relationships;

✨ who is looking for their destiny;

✨ who is interested in expanding their boundaries;

✨ who likes to learn Options for requests for the game:

✨ about relationships, family, intimacy, love, mutual understanding;

✨ about finance, business, new projects, partnership;

✨ about getting out of difficult situations and conflicts;

✨ about personal strength, discovery of resources, spiritual path;

✨ about purpose, implementation and your place in the world..

If you don't have a clear question, but you feel like you want to play, come. This means that intuition leads you and there is definitely a request - you will formulate it in the game space!

Your results after the game:

  • Open your strengths

You already have all the necessary resources to reach your goal. During the game you will find your best qualities and be able to rely on them!

  • Get inspired by the feats

Thoughts shape reality. If you have limiting beliefs, you will find and replace them with those that open up new opportunities!

  • Find the right solution.

You will stop doubting and clearly see where and how to move on! Draw up an action plan You will determine the next steps to be taken on the way to your dream!

In continuation...

A transformational game is NOT a magic wand "I'll play now and everything in my life will magically change, and I'll do other pressing things for now"!!! This is a tool that you need to learn to use! When you take a hammer in your hands for the first time in your life to beat a nail, it rarely happens that the nail is easily clogged the first time... You have to bend several nails, and even hit your fingers more than once with a hammer until you finally learn how to use it! And this is one of the easiest tools!

A transformational game is not a hammer, but a much more complex tool and it works more subtly - with your internal attitudes, beliefs and programs, which over a long time of their formation have turned into a reinforced concrete foundation - try to transform it for the first time if you have not done anything by yourself before.

And it's not about playing games often, but about the fact that it's a scrupulous (sometimes tedious) job, primarily inside you! And no one else, no one host will do this work instead of you! But the value of the tool is that if YOU WANT for real and do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, then life begins to change! And if you don't want to, you can go to shamans or witches... ;) They will do everything for you! And what will happen as a result and what price will you pay... only...

At this moment we working on translating the field and cards on English language.

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