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Founder's Diploma and Certifications

Our Founder Christine Qanaan, is always aimed on helping people, but without any knowledges she couldn't do it, so we would love to present you all the Diplomas and certifications, that she achieved through all years.

She never stops to get more and more knowledge, so she would be more professional in what we all do. She is always looking for new techniques, new ways, carefully choosing those knowledge that will be true, she never will say or do if something she think that will make a harm to people. She went through a lot of transformations, and died multiple times, that why she is true Phoenix, with the knowledge of Owl, and flexible as a Silver.

It is just small amount of all those achievements that she got. And most important she is unstoppable. She always loves to share her knowledge with her students and clients, and helping them go through hard times.

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