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Fraudulent teachers

Teachers, guru, masters. There is so many people becoming “teachers” they trying to explain and show so many different things. Implementing new “knowledges” and usually in modern world they are becoming a huge bloggers with huge audience. And people listening them, believing them. But no one actually didn’t ask a question: “is what these bloggers saying truth?”, people paying for master classes “How to make wishes come true”, “how to rase feminine energy” and etc.

But what I see, those super famous bloggers just making a money out of people, doesn’t even care about consequences for those who listening them, doesn’t need to because they make everyone a fools… because no one going to dig, the true knowledge, why?! Why bother, if this famous person says that it is like that, then it is like that.

But genuine teachers, true guru, they are more quiet, usually everyone thinks that they are an assholes, ha, because they busting bubbles of lie, and saying the truth. People say that they want to hear the truth, really? No, really?! Who wants to hear harsh truth about themselves? Right, not much people. Maybe 5 out of 100?! Or maybe 10 out of 1000?!

I know one person, who really wise and smart, who can elevate a life, but hey, check this out, others thinks that he is a joke.

How many people comes to my games, without realizing that I’m going to say truth, harsh and painful, mostly everyone comes to hear what they want to hear, fix their spouses, children so they would be their marionettes. Now tell me, is it called a love?! People killing others free will, they think just about themselves, how it is supposed to be good just for them. And yet, they listen fake teachers, instead of look in a eyes of truth and accept that first of all they need to look within, and fix themselves first, instead of looking for other mistakes.

Someone told me, you have to have 10000 followers so everyone think that you good, cool. Really, that’s funny, because I’m not after quantity, I’m after quality. If I will have 2 people who actually ready to follow my lead, that’s what mean for me success, because I can see how these 2 people working their ass off and make huge efforts to fix themselves, fix their life, and going through the hell so they can elevate their lives, and find a real joy. But not a fake, when someone doing that for youish, and making tons of money because you are fool enough to not seek a truth.

It is your choice to make, “die” after being manipulated by fake teachers, or make an effort to find a real one and work out to build something great out of yourself.

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