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Introducing "Siver Owl-Phoenix"

I want to introduce you a little to my school.

Sometime 4 years ago, when I was still at the first stage of karmic correction, it came to me in a flow

that my school would be called “Silver Owl-Phoenix”. I didn't even know then. Where will all this take me? But now when I am already a master of the 4th stage. It's been a year since my school was born.

And here's what the title says:

Silver is a soft metal that looks like water, as well as its magical properties that helped open a channel between worlds, cleansing energies of negativity and everything that can harm. Silver is also a channel to the world where magical abilities are hidden. And the patroness of this metal is the Moon.

Owl - Symbolism of the Soul, Clairvoyance, Clairvoyance, it gives strength to see what is hidden from the eyes, Air is her element and Ether. Night and the Moon are her friends. Besides all this is the wisdom of centuries and ancestors. The owl has always been an assistant for people with abilities, because it has secret knowledge that is not available to others. It also has healing powers and protective properties. But it is also a symbol of solitude, focus on the spiritual and hermitage. Owl lives in the underworld

Phoenix - in this symbol there are two elements at once, Fire and Earth... It symbolizes death and birth, transformations, and the cycle of rebirths. Phoenix also has knowledge and power, but from the side of the Sun… from the side of Fire… the immortal path that the Soul goes through… Phoenix is ​​rebirth, renewal, spiritual growth. It is also a duality and balance between male and female. Symbol of pure love. This bird lives in the upper world, denotes imperial blood. This bird flies only on behalf of the Higher Forces. The secret knowledge that she possesses carries such powerful spectra that only for those who are ready to live through transformations can they gradually receive them...

This is only a superficial description of the school that I can give today to those who are wondering why we have such a name. I personally went through hundreds of transformations and was reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes... And I know exactly what it's like to be in our school!

Our school is always open to new students and clients... And we happy to accept those who are ready to follow their own path and heal themselves, their lives. Come if you feel that we are right for you.

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