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Lesson to learn for everyone.

Once upon a time, in the journey of my life, I encountered a powerful lesson that changed me forever. A year ago, I were caught in the illusion that someone didn't need my love, and this belief led me to push away the dearest person in my life. Unknowingly, I was hurting myself and hurting that special person in the my life.

But as time passed, I began to realize that the real issue was buried deep within me – the trauma of my past had taken control over my emotions and actions. I made mistakes and hid things from my loved one, almost losing him in the process. It took a year of soul-searching and hard work to discover the truth.

I learned the importance of being honest with myself, recognizing that self-love and self-care are crucial foundations for any genuine relationship. As I embraced my true self and let go of the illusions, I found the strength to rebuild the connection with my loved one.

Now, armed with the wisdom gained from my journey, I understand the significance of staying connected to myself, loving who I truly am, and trusting my inner strength. I've learned that genuine love in others can only be found when you are genuine with yourself.

So, as you move forward, always remember this lesson and never let your brain create illusions that mislead you. Stay true to yourself, and you will pave the way for authentic connections and meaningful relationships in your life. And first of all with yourself.

I never knew that I can fell into this kind of illusion, but I did, and now its hurts me more than ever. Because I understand that I was wrong all this time. See, you doesn't have to be told that you loved, or cared, or someone needs your love. You have to know that deep down within you, and never let your inner voice get quiet. Because then our mind (Ego) comes into play. And starting leading you to the wrong way. Never underestimate your Soul in your live, trust it, embrace it. And let it go. Let go all the traumas that you have, past should be in a past, just be conscious about that this "hurt" been triggered by trauma, that you have to work on it.

You make a choice to be miserable or to be happy, you make your own choice to live in illusion of your mind, or went through the pain of truth. For yourself, for your own live.

Believe in yourself, Love yourself, Feel you're worthy for yourself. And just face it, face the truth, that holding the trauma and that fear, that hurting feeling, it's not beneficial, but instead destroying you. So recognize that, accept that, work on it and let it go.

With Love

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