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Meet our Master Elena Russova

Elena Russova is the pride of our school. Today I would like you to present our interview with her, so you can learn who she is, how was her life path, and get know her a little more better.

- Lena, please tell us a little about yourself, what kind of life you had before you started working with energies. What led you to what you are doing now?

- Greetings! My name is Elena Russova, I am 32 years old, currently I live in sunny Italy, having moved from Ukraine, Odessa for a number of reasons.

To begin with, all my life I understood that I was “special”, “not like everyone else”, my views on life, my visions and my dreams were special.

Of course, as a child, I did not understand at all what was happening, why the events that I saw in my dreams were happening in reality, why do I feel people so clearly, namely their state, mood? Periodically, all this faded, but at times it was expressed and manifested itself very clearly ... I talked about this to my parents - my mother actively supported me and always said that I have a gift, but what is it? – no one understood.

Of course, intuitively, I have always been drawn to palmistry, astrology, runes, Tarot (I even remember how in my childhood I had a book “Tarot by Playing Cards”, and I used it to make layouts for all my girlfriends - and they really came true !!!)

But most of all, I was attracted to people with superpowers - they attracted me, I was inspired by them, and I always imagined myself in their place, how I could be useful to people, whatever advice or help I could offer.

Years passed, and I wanted to find answers, to find myself, to understand what was happening!

In search of myself, in search of an answer to the question - WHO AM I? Options/suggestions for various interesting, mystical events began to come in (before that, I didn’t know), and I’m already one of those lovers - to go into the unknown and try something that I didn’t know before ...

In 2018, I started attending transformational games, where I met a wonderful person, and looking ahead, my most beautiful, beloved mentor, who has been accompanying my path for the past 5 years.

She revealed herself to me, my facets, made me understand who I am, where I need to go, introduced me to the WORLD OF ENERGIES, esotericism, TAROT.

This is how a new world opened up for me, and with the help of my mentor, they opened the door to a completely different Universe, where I am no longer just a person, and I have already helped more than a dozen people!

- How did your life changed?

- All my life changes happened after meeting my mentor and my initiation into our Silver Owl-Phoenix school.

Yes, of course, there was life before - but was I truly happy, and was I myself, living with a feeling of constant search and lack of the missing puzzle?

I remember our individual meeting with my mentor, and long correspondence until ... how I did not dare to tell her that I was not like everyone else, thinking that she would think that I was out of my mind(smiling) but it turned out the opposite - she was the only one who understood and accepted me without further questions.

Our meeting is the center of the city of Odessa, Christina gave me her deck of Tarot cards, I took it ... and the first thing I thought was “WOW, real!!! real TAROT deck!!! What should I do? What are these pictures? And why such energies, what happens to me?

Then I made my first mini-layout, without even understanding what was happening and how it worked!

After an hour of our conversations, we ended up in an esoteric shop, where I immediately bought my first Tarot deck ...

Then it all started - our meetings and correspondence became more frequent, I began to get acquainted with a new world, not yet known, but so intriguing (smiling).

- Did you quickly decide to start working with energies?

- To say that I decided, probably not quite the right interpretation, since it followed a consistent path, everything came to the point that I started practicing a lot, first with my family, and then declaring myself on social networks, from where my clients appeared.

I just started from the sensations and of course from the requests of my clients. I went where they led me, not even knowing what would happen, what would come and face!

- How has your life changed since then?

- My life has changed cardinally, but it does not stop changing, and with each amplification and increase in energies, life continues to change, bringing new surprises, in closed boxes, which, as a child, I hasten to open, will be surprised and, as a result, rejoice!

One thing I know for sure is that I am incredibly grateful for all the changes in my life, because they were not always easy - it's a really hard path with constant emotional swings. This is a collision with the fears that I go into - this is the whole secret, to go where it is scary, there is development, there is change. Go and shove like a tank - my credo!

- How do you see your growth and what happened on the way to where you are now?

- If we talk about my physical growth, then it has not changed, I'm still a baby raccoon - just kidding. But I really love my height, and I see a lot of advantages in it, as for a girl (smiling)

In fact, this is a colossal path of change in everything - from physical condition, including health, self-awareness, self-presentation, self-acceptance - to financial flow, career growth, experience. I cannot help but note the emergence and disclosure of my creative potential (it turned out that I draw very well - oil, fabrics, walls, paintings and graphic programs to boot), my spiritual growth, starting from absolute zero and today being a Master, who already has have their own students. Of course, during this period I found my love - sincere and real, about which novels are written!

I am constantly developing, I invest a lot in my education, I never sit still, I have visited more than 15 camps, attended many concerts - from classical to rock, visited dozens of museums, theaters, met 10,000 people, helped find my way and find solutions to the problems of a large number of people. Now my life has begun anew, in a new country - and here I find myself new in a different culture, with new rules and incredible energies, and here I find myself new, learning even more powerful ENERGIES!

My path is not easy, but it is mine, and despite the fact that I have passed and pass - sometimes I do not believe that I could cope with everything, but I always know that I have a reliable rear - my Universe, Creator, family, love , relatives and of course my mentor!

- If you were given a chance to go back to the past, would you act differently?

- No! Never!! I am always grateful for any experience that was, is and will be! Why change anything from the past, act differently, or even think about it? I would not be me, and would not be in the place where I am now, and would not be who I am!

Maybe the only thing is if I could talk with my little, past Lena - I would say one thing - do not be afraid, you are so smart, and you will succeed.

- What are the pros and cons of working with energies? What did you have to face?

- I never want to talk about the cons, and I stopped seeing them, it makes no sense! Probably, only at the beginning, I was a little scared to see dark forces, entities - but the main thing is to accept that everyone has a place on this planet, and learn to interact.

Pluses are what I feel, feel, see, and where the Universe leads me, and what it takes me away from.

The most important thing is that by working with energies, I can be myself, help people, be useful to this WORLD. I can develop, follow the path of my destiny, carry knowledge, feel more clearly, feel completely different flows of information, broadcast the Creator.

Collide? These are personal transformations and transformations of clients.

Lives change in a fabulous way, in such a way that sometimes it is hard to believe from the outside in what an excellent way the energies are unwinding, making tremendous changes and adjustments - this applies to all areas, both professional and personal, financial and creative, spiritual and physical. And then the most pleasant thing is to observe all these changes and see the surprise of customers: - “Why was it possible? Where were you before?” For the sake of these emotions, I am ready to develop and work with energies!

- Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are you striving for? What do you want to achieve?

- Where do I see myself in 10 years? – my life has changed so much over the past 1.5 years that I won’t guess any more) I couldn’t even think that life, in a certain sense, would start all over again, in a new country, with a completely unfamiliar mentality, language, customs, traditions, thinking, nature, and what energies are here !!!

My only desire is that I want to be happy in all areas and relationships.

My desire is to make the world a happier place, to give as much help as possible to those who truly desire it. I strive for our school to develop, internationalize, attracting more and more interested people who want to know the world of energies that will go with us in the same direction. So that our Tarot school is replenished with powerful tarologists who will work in every corner of the globe, and each applicant will have an individual approach in any language of the world! So that our school has an even more extensive list of services and assistance provided, and everyone can choose their own Master according to their hearts.

Of course, develop yourself spiritually, increase your creative potential, discover your new facets and abilities. Learn at least more runes, palmistry and astrology, and maybe something else, I love learning. Seeing the world, new countries and continents is something without which I cannot imagine the future! And it's trite - seeks to feel financial stability. And of course, after each training and gaining new knowledge - to transfer them to the students of our school.

- What advice would you give to our readers?

- I would advise you to come to us for a consultation, get qualified support, analyze requests, questions (if necessary).

And of course I would advise - to learn the world of energies with us, to be in the stream of rapid changes in modern realities, under the accompaniment of professionals. We will find an individual approach to each client, and we can proudly say that we have already helped hundreds of people, and we receive the most pleasant feedback from changed destinies! You can read some on our website.

Since in our generation, the world is rapidly striving for spirituality, and all of us are subconsciously drawn to something high, something unknown: yoga, retreats, meditations, tarot, energies that are talked about at every step, are displayed on the pages of social networks, and we see this more and more often .... we get lost in the flow of information, it is deposited on our subconscious that the world is changing, and more and more requests appear - where to go and find masters, mentors, schools?

You don't have to go far - you can find it all here!

We never stand still, we are developing, offering our students and clients an ever more extensive list of aspects and directions!

So feel free to write to us, and remember that any question is individual, and importantly - confidential!

It is better to do, it is better to always act, even just to write, to find out and understand what to do with the information received, than to remain silent and searching all your life!

- And last question. Please tell us how you can be useful to our readers?

I will be happy to see you in our school, and personally I can become your tarot mentor, your magical guide to the world of tarot - as I am a certified master of teaching beginners!

I make individual and general layouts, according to author's technologies. I build an event series with the help of TARO.

Also, I conduct individual consultations on the transformation of life, I help to find the life that a person desires, accompanying along the path of initial transformation.

The main thing in my work is an individual approach to each client, confidentiality between me and the client.

I work with clients in Russian and Ukrainian. I am also developing the direction of the Italian-speaking audience.

We proud of those who came through deep and hard transformation, and really grateful to Lena for her time, to make this interview come true. If you feel like that she is the one who you been looking for, you can contact to her through the booking consultation with her.

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