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New levels are always requires a loss

Updated: Jun 10

Many people is scared of changes because it is moment of unknown. And few of them knows that it is requires a loss. How so? Let me tell you one story that happen in my life.

Many of you heard about Sadhguru, I read his books, watched a lot of videos, and about two years ago I predicted that I will meet him. Did I knew where and how, absolutely not, but I knew that somehow it will happen.

More than that I never thought what kind of price I will pay to meet him. All situations was leading me to this point. For the last 9 months, was a major preparation that I haven't know about. my energies was drained till 0 at the beginning. War in Ukraine hit me really good, especially since they're my 3 kids, and I keep trying to get them to me. Then situations at work started to be very tense, people started creating any kind of pressure so I could not handle that cage and left, other job, same thing started squeezing me that much, that nothing left from me, I lost myself, I lost my mood, I lost my fire, desire, money, jobs, people, but main point I LOST MYSELF. I was desperate, but can't even figure out whats wrong, and whats going on with me.

And June this year, I went to Atlanta on the last money that I had. To the program that Sadhguru was giving. To say that I came there, like empty bucket is nothing. But I knew that this event will be very very transforming for me. I knew that there something will happen to me, and it did.

First day there, was kind of in a dream, I was doing some practices, but I felt like I'm all the time sleeping. Second day completely woke me up. I never felt nothing close to this, my body was as a heater, all the initiation in Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya my body and subtle bodies was on huge recharge.

Early morning on next day, when I was driving on my way home, I realized that I finally MYSELF, I honestly still not sure whats happens there, but what I do know, that I felt like for the last year and a half I have been sleeping and saw a nightmare. I woke up, and. felt MYSELF, I felt my energies back, like nothing happened before, all my spheres of life kind of immediately started be good. I'm not trying you to convince follow Sadhguru, or me, but what I am saying is, when the changes coming, they will take everything out of you, you will have to be ready to lose a lot, and this is painful, but reward from it, will make you amazed.

I am always aimed to learn new techniques and technologies so I can help myself, and others. I always looking for new teachers, so I can understand more, and know how exactly I can be helpful. And if I choose the teachers, they will be the greatest ones. At this moment I know for sure, that everything I lost before I got something, that was my investment in me. because you can't pour new water in a full cup, you have to empty it so something new and excited will come to your way.

Don't be scare of changes, because it is a showing your growth, otherwise you will degrade. Sometimes behind the hard situations hidden huge reason and your own new life that will be way better than you can imagine.

With love Christine Qanaan.

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