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Parable about cost of work!

Customer: How much will it cost to complete this work?

Master: $5000.

Customer: Why is it so expensive?

Master: how much will it cost you if you do this work yourself?

Customer: Well, $2,000 maximum. It's a pretty easy job, right?

Master: For $2000, I suggest you do it yourself.

Customer: but... I can't.

Master: For $2000 I will teach you this job. So you will get the knowledge for the next occasion.

Customer: what an interesting offer! I agree!

Master: So, you need to have with you: a welding machine, an electric saw, an airbrush, a compressor, a drill, gloves, paints, brushes…

Customer: Stop! I don't have this equipment and I can't buy it for one job!

Master: In that case, to do this work, for $2000 I can rent it to you.

Customer: Good.

Master: Agreed! On Tuesday I will wait for you to do the work.

Customer: I can't on Tuesday.

Master: Sorry, but I only have Tuesday free. All other days are occupied by other customers.

Customer: Okay. I will have to sacrifice my plans...

Master: I will collect all the necessary material, but you will have to load the car on Tuesday at 6 am. So don't be late.

Customer: at 6? No! I don't wake up this early....

Hmmm... I thought about it and realized that I'd better pay you $5,000. After all, I myself will still not be able to do this work with high quality, and it will all cost me much more!

The moral of this parable is this:

When we pay someone's labor, we pay not only for materials, but also for:


And most important, that if you asking for cut price you stealing and doesn't value yourself. There is exceptions, but most important that you not paying me or someone else, you are investing in yourself.

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