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Tarot Readers Day

Every day is Tarot day at, but on May 25 Tarot card readers, teachers, and fans from around the globe celebrate World Tarot Day as a chance to honor a shared love of this ancient art of divination.

Celebrated every year on May 25, World Tarot Day was founded by Tarot Grandmaster Den Elder in 2003, after she grew tired of hearing negative and misinformed comments in the media. She decided it was time to show the world at large the value of Tarot cards.

"I wanted a day of celebration... " Elder said in an interview for the American Tarot Association. She notes it's "...a day to share our love for this tool and get over our differences. A day everybody could just come together and have some nice fun and make an effort to help those unfamiliar with Tarot to realize it has a lot of positive attributes."

Elder, like so many of us, said she uses Tarot as a tool for spiritual guidance, meditation, and intuitive clarification when she needs a little help. It is a way to tap into our wise intuition and hear the inner voice we sometimes have trouble listening to.

Christine Qanaan, founder of Silver Owl-Phoenix, now on World Tarot Day, we would like to offer you a special gift for reading such as 25% discount for reading. Try to touch this sacred knowledge.

And next year, we are planning a celebration and will invite different kinds of Tarot readers, to join us.

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