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Transformational-psychological game "House of my Soul"

Updated: Nov 14

This is very Unique game, based on knowledge of Family-constellation scenarios. This alternative approach was developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the mid-1990s. Family constellations therapy evolved out of his work as a family therapist and his belief in the energy, both positive and negative, found in familial bonds. Nearly 50 years of studying and treating families led to his observation of patterns of mental health concerns, illness, negative emotions, and potentially destructive behaviors within families, and he suggested individuals might unconsciously "adopt" these concerns as a way of helping other members to cope. Proponents of family constellations believe the method to be less restrictive than other methods of therapy and support its capacity to allow people to see different perspectives and alternate solutions.

This game is not involved other people but rooms in your "house" where at the beginning you placing stickers as you feel, without knowing whats written on them. After we look what room and were ended up, and start working from "Basement" and going step by step up to the "Roof", placing one by one stickers in an order. This game helping you put your life spheres in an order, balance it and realizing deep thing about yourself. Therapeutically working on every trauma, that will come up visiting each room.

What questions you can come to the psychological game?

The game will "accept" any questions, it is universal.

The request in the game can be open or closed. It can be detailed, and maybe concise.

Most importantly: your question is mega-relevant for you, and you understand very well what it is about.

Deep tasks of the game "House of my Soul".

  • Deal with complex, confusing issues and hopeless situations.

  • Help participants to clarify what is happening to them.

  • Meet your potential, unleash your creative power.

The game will help:

  • deal with personal relationships

  • decide on life's work

  • find your dream job

  • build harmonious partnerships

  • create a business

  • find yourself

  • open new opportunities in our life

and much more

Each symbol, each sign, each line and picture carry information for the consciousness, and most importantly - for the unconscious of those who are playing the game.

Passing through the back streets of the House of the Soul, the participants, without suspecting it, work with this information: in an unexpected way they clarify for themselves the questions to which they have ceased to look for answers.

And there is no mysticism in this, everything is extremely explainable:

a person sees a symbol, reacts to it, in addition to the reaction, the symbol awakens into memories, memories, in turn, activate the work of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for creativity.

The right hemisphere finds the optimal solution for a given situation

As a result, after the game, the participant not only knows that he can solve his problem, but also understands how to do it in the best way.

Afterwords: this game more than just a game, this is a powerful tool to open inner powers to see the life in a different way, that was always there but you didn't seen.

Be aware that in this game there is no time limit could be placed, it might take 4 times to play, or 6-8 month. For each person this game will be play its own way. There is no prediction you can get. But achieve life that you deserve. And it will continue if you will take responsibility keep work with yourself.

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