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Women's Herald talking about Silver Owl-Phoenix

Christine’s journey to becoming an energy healer and transformational coach was not an easy one. From a young age, Christine knew she was different. She had the ability to heal people, hear more than they were saying, see the future, and help people find their true purpose in life. But it wasn’t until she had gone through her own personal struggles and found the right teachers that she was able to fully harness her abilities and help others in a meaningful way.

Today, Christine is committed to helping people who are lost, tired of searching for their purpose, and those who feel beaten down by life. Her energy healing sessions use a variety of techniques to help people cleanse their energy, liberate themselves from negative influences, correct all spheres of life, and align with their path and destiny. She also offers deep reading TARO/Tarotherapy sessions that help people gain self-knowledge and realization, heal their inner selves, and unlock their full potential.

But Christine’s services go beyond just energy healing and Tarot reading. She has developed a unique system of healing the behavior of individuals, which allows them to eliminate negative influences on their lives. She is also committed to helping her clients develop a healthy lifestyle and mindset, which includes meditation, self-care, and a focus on self-realization.

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